Vitamin c is known to be an antioxidant and nutrients that are found in dietary supplements and food which plays a vital role in collagen making. High-dose vitamin C can be given through infusion of intravenous IV or taken by mouth (orally). This dosage can reach higher levels in the blood not when taken by mouth but when infused directly into the bloodstream. High-dose vitamin C since the 1970s has been known to be a treatment for people living with cancer. Some studies from the laboratory have proven that a high dose of vitamin C allows the growth as well as spreading of many types of cancer cells slow. These cancer cells include the prostate, liver, colon pancreatic among many others.A combination of vitamin C and anticancer therapies has shown to be helpful according to some of the laboratory and animal studies while other studies have shown chemotherapy can be made less effective by a certain form of vitamin C.

High dose of vitamin C treatment according to animal studies blocks the growth of certain model of liver, pancreatic, ovarian cancers, sarcoma, pancreatic as well as malignant mesothelioma.Some of the human studies have indicated the enhanced quality of life, physical, mental improvement as well as emotional functions, symptoms like fatigue, pain, and vomiting after a highdose of vitamin C treatment. In clinical trials, intravenous high-dose ascorbic acid has coursed minimal side effects.


Vitamin C is also known as ascorbate that every human must get from dietary supplements or even food since it's hard for the body to make its own. This is an antioxidant and acts at its best in the prevention of oxidative stress as well as working hand in hand with enzymes in making collagens. As discussed earlier in this article, when vitamin C is taken by infusion of intravenous (IV), it can reach a higher level in the blood than when it is consumed by mouth. According to studies, death of the cancer cells can be triggered by these higher levels of vitamin C in the laboratory. Lack of vitamin C in the Human diet can course a severe deficiency known as scurvy which is associated with symptoms of lengthy, bleeding as well as extreme weakness. Any patience with scurvy due to lack of vitamin C will have thinner collagens in texture but collagens become thicker again when issued with vitamin C.


The following are the possible various ways that Vitamin C in high dose works.

Vitamin C is much useful in collagen production along with other compounds known as amino acids proline as well as lysine. The sports injuries risk like the ligaments that are raptured and tendons may increase with deficiency of vitamin C. with the healthy production of collagen the connective tissue and skin can be successfully bolstered. Another area that Vitamin C works with much strength is in energy production. Mitochondria use fat to produce energy. During this process, vitamin C is needed. To be more specific, Vitamin C is at work during the production of carnitine which acts as a bridge of fat into the mitochondria.to break it down even more for you, the more the availability of Vitamin C, the more carnitine is produced for our body to transport the fuel into our cells for energy production. Vitamin C also act a very crucial role in immune support. When vitamin C is administered into your body in Higher doses, hydrogen peroxide is generated which in it is an antimicrobial, anticancer effect as well as anti-viral.

Vitamin C contains antioxidant properties. This is another part in which Vitamin C helps as it has shown to be an antioxidant that is potent and it helps to secure the structures of the cells like collagen, proteins as well as DNA damaged by free radicals and oxygen reactive species which are very common in a high-stress state, infections as well as a chronic illness.


Since the 1970s high dose vitamin C has been known to treat people living with cancer. A well-known Scottish surgeon Ewan Cameron worked together with Linus Pauling a Nobel Prize winner to discover the vitamin C therapy possible benefits in cancer patients’ clinical trials back then. At the United States CAM conference, a survey of practitioners of healthcare has it that, frequently high dose IV vitamin C is given to the patients so as to treat fatigue, infections, and cancers. Lack of vitamin C in a study conducted not less than fifty years ago coursed cancer which was a disease of changes in connective tissue.Intravenous vitamin C in High doses has proven to be a powerful property of anticancer and here are some of them.

  • Angeogenisis inhibition
  • The inflamation modulation
  • The production of peroxide
  • The integrative application


In clinical trials, high-dose intravenous ascorbic acid has caused minimal side effects while the patients with certain risk factors may suffer harm from High dose Vitamin C. The patients living with kidney disorders, many cases have been reported of kidney failure after receiving ascorbic acid treatment. Patients with kidney stones history should not be put under Vitamin C treatment. Moreover, Due to the risk of Hemolysis, High dose Vitamin C should at all not be given to patients with an inherited disorder known as G-6-PD.This is a condition whereby the one component of blood known as red blood cells gets destroyed. Other patients that should avoid High doses of vitamin C are hemochromatosis patients since the Vitamin C may make iron absorbed more easily and consumed by the body. This condition makes the body absorb iron and store more than it requires. Vitamin C can be taken in two ways and one is through intravenous IV infusion or by mouth. The most or highly recommended is through intravenous as it reaches much higher blood levels.


The occurrence of a change in the way the drug reacts or acts in the body when consumed with a certain drug is known as a Drug interaction. The anticancer when consumed together with Vitamin C may be less effective. The effects so far have been recognized in some laboratories as well as animal studies and no clinical trials has been made to research further the interactions of these drug in humans. A study of combining anticancer known as Bortezomib and Vitamin C has been done in cell culture as well as animal models. Bortezomib is known to be a targeted therapy that blocks several molecular pathways of the cell thus making cancer cells die. Some of the studies have shown that Bortezomib became less active when Vitamin C was consumed by mouth. In another study, mice were transplanted with a human prostate cancer cell did not show that a different dose of vitamin C by mouth made the Bortezomib therapy less effective. A vitamin C which is Oxidized also known as Dehydroascorbic acid has been under the study of cell cultures as well as animals withtumors. As some of the studies state, Dehydroascorbic high doses can possibly interfere with chemotherapy anticancer drugs effects. Dehydroascorbic acid is found in small amounts only in supplements of diets in food that are fresh.,/p>


Since your body has no ability to make its own Vitamin C, it is, therefore, crucial to feed your body with the right amount and quality for your body. In San Diego, we ensure to Use the nutrients that are exact and needed that deliver the treatment as well as the therapeutic dosage targeted. If you are in need of a quick boost to fight bacteria, toxins. As well as infections, Intravenous Vitamin C therapy maybe your great option. The experience after intravenous Vitamin C treatment will be great as it will leave you healed and strong. Below are the vitamin C in High dose additional benefits.

    • High dose vitamin C will help in eliminating toxins from your body
    • I work at its best in boosting its immune system
    • The treatment ensures the promotion of speedy healing time
    • High dose vitamin C fights to eliminate and protect from common illnesses
    • It fights infections and viruses as well
    • Ensures that your energy is improved
    • he treatment supports the production of collagen and repairs the tissues
    • It fights inflammation.

In a patient suffering from breast cancer, treated with radiation therapy as well as adjuvant chemotherapy a study of intravenous IV vitamin C was done. The result shows that the patients treated with IV vitamin C had a quality life and minimal side effect compared with the other ones who did not receive the treatment. In another study, Vitamin C and vitamin c high doses were consumed by mouth with cancer patients that could not be cured and vitamin C proved to revive the quality of life of the patient including symptoms of fatigue, mental and emotional functions. Vitamin C has proven to be safe when issued to healthy volunteers as well as cancer patients with different risk factors that should avoid the consumption of Vitamin C.


High-dose Vitamin C only ensures that your body gets the right amount to speed up the process of recovery, therefore the patients dealing with health conditions that are long term and trying to recover from the illness are perfect for it. High-dose Vitamin C does not only help in fighting illnesses but also helps in preventing you from future conditions attack. Our doctors here in San Diego will be of much help to you as they will ensure to work with you to put together a plan of treatment with highdose vitamin C IV therapy that is tailored specifically to your needs. Their process of IV infusion does not take long as it will depend on your needs and it only consumes 30-120 minutes of your time. For anyone in need of boosting the immune system, feeling better all the time as well replenishing the nutrients that are lost, the healing benefits of IV are ideal for you. There is several vitamins that the body requires to ensure normal and healthy, functioning but many people consume this nutrient in their diets toa higher degree. To bridge this gap the physicians have been utilizing The Iv so that they can safely enhance the patients’ health with few side effects risk. In addition to feeling at your best after the infusion of IV, you may need some cocktails to provide you with symptom relief from the ailment like asthma, or migraines, and fibromyalgia. If you may be feeling or have a specific concern or the need to feel healthier and energized, IV therapy is the best choice for you.


Vitamin C in a high dose is recommendable for your body if you are experiencing so much or excessive fatigue or your body is going through an abnormal amount of stress. Your immune system will fully benefit from the existence of Vitamin C found in your system to ensure the fighting of acute or chronic viral as well as bacterial infection. Vitamin C is a multi-purpose tool as it can be utilized as post-surgical care or to treat the skin that has been damaged by the sun. Vitamin C in high doses can also be used as a traditional anti-cancer treatment as it may also enhance the side effects of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy like nausea and vomiting. In research conducted recently has indicated that Vitamin C in the pharmacologic concentration of up to 50g killed cancer cells but not the normal cells. This mechanism becomes successful via formation of the Hydrogen peroxide which causes cancer cell death. If you didn’t know anything concerning how vitamin C in high doses work, by reading this article you gain a basic knowledge of what it is.