PRP Hair Loss Treatments In San Diego


Are you stressed about your hair thinning or loss? Don’t bury your head in stress anymore as Platelets-rich plasma (PRP) is here to offer you a long-lasting solution. This is an incredible medical treatment for hair loss that is designed for both men and women. Using platelet-rich plasma to restore your hair back, density increment and scalp coverage heightening have become the hottest trend across the globe. PRP works incredibly by using the ability of your body to heal and regenerate at the cellular level to promote hair growth. The hair is only healthy when the hair matrix and hair follicles as well are healthy.The PRP growth factors present are natural and a great option for the restoration of your hair.

This method of treatment has been under implementation for the year in sports medicine to facilitate the regeneration of wounds, oral surgery, and orthopedic as well. Recently, PRP has been recognized or found to enhance the regeneration of the hair. Due to the variety of causes in San Diego, Platelets-rich plasma can be used for alopecia and not just for male pattern baldness.


Platelet-rich plasma is obtained by the tacking amount that is small of your blood and amount that is similar to a blood test. the amount of blood may also depend on the largeness of the area being injected.  Then the amount taken is placed on a centrifuge to separate different blood components like Red blood cells from the plasma and platelets as well. The plasma is a clear fluid that makes up the blood. The remaining plasma liquid has four times the normal number of platelets hence platelet-rich plasma. The process will take few minutes to call be through depending on the personnel undertaking the activity.


Platelets-rich plasma across the globe in medical treatment is known to be a magnificent non-surgical method of hair loss treatment, hair thinning among many balding types. Platelets-rich plasma is platelet high concentration and associated growth factors in a small volume of plasma. By assessing the healing of the wound on a cellular level, a number of blood-derived, growth factors have been identified. Wondering what are these growth factors? Here is the answer to that. These are circulating chemicals in your body that promote the regeneration of cellular as well as proliferation. Platelets are known to be the fragments of the cell that helps in blood clots formation, stop bleeding and ensure the repair of cellular after the injury. There are many intracellular structures as well as molecules inside the platelets that help in the healing of the wound.


The restoration of hair through platelets-rich plasma is a treatment process that can last up to 45 minutes maximum depending on the area of treatment and most requires no significant downtime. A small amount of blood is drawn from your hand or arm to create the platelet-rich plasma injection. Initially, it is as small as 5ml or as much as 22ml and it will depend on the area you are treated.  The blood obtained is then placed in a sterile which is container that is approved by FDA for processing out the platelets and growth factors.

The samples of blood taken are then placed into a centrifuge which is used to spin it to high speed until they separate into three layers. The separation is based on the density and that is platelets poor plasma, platelets rich plasma, and red blood cells as well. At this stage, the PRP is separated from the rest and prepared for injections. There is absolutely no need for blood typing or even the risk of injection as the blood comes from your body.

 After obtaining the PRP, the doctor responsible should inject it into the scalp where the occurrence of thinning has taken place. In order to distribute the PRP throughout the occipital, frontal and temporal, a couple dozen injection is needed. This injection to some of the patients may become uncomfortable.

Some of the doctors in San Diego may prefer using scalp cry cooling.  This is a technology whereby up to 60 degrees cold air is released to the skin to reduce the injections’ discomfort by numbing the area. In hair regeneration, topical PRP may be successful but in San Diego will have a different view of it. For instance, doctor Kolstad has believed that Platelet-rich plasma injection beneath the skin permits the greater plasma concentration to reach the follicles of the hair. The matrix of the hair lays in the layer that is deepest in the skin just above the subcuticular fat and application of topical PRP may not penetrate that deep.


The doctors will advise you accordingly on the number of the session of PRP treatment that you require depending on alopecia severity for complete healing in San Diego. Some of the like DR. Kolstad will recommend his patient up to 4 treatments for the patients with hair thinning. This process will be performed within an interval of 4 weeks with a maintenance treatment given a period of four to six months afterward. There are those patients that will come looking for enhancement of their hair in San Diego and according to Dr. Kolstad among many other doctors available recommend one session at the time of hair transplant. This should be followed by a second session at three months and at six months the third session should be performed.


From patient to patient, the result may vary. The PRP treatment may not recover the follicles that have died or completely lost, no guarantee. The treatment of hair using PRP is an emerging based therapy and patients can possibly respond to this therapy according to the studies. The current literature of the medical have shown optimistic results though the largely controlled case of the studies is pending.


There is a most common hair loss cause for both men and women called androgenic alopecia. For over 20 years agents that are topical containing minoxidil for both gender and oral finasteride for men only have been the treatment mainstays. Minoxidil and Finasteride are both and specifically designed for male baldness patterns. Before the PRP invention, non-androgenic alopecia had minimal options or hair loss treatment. The following are the main causes of alopecia;

  • Menopause and perimenopause
  • Traction
  • Stress
  • Norma age thinning

Hair loss in both androgenic and non-androgenic causes can be treated through platelet-rich plasma injection. Platelet-rich plasma is used by hair restoration experts to stimulate the growth of the follicles and bring back the process of hair miniaturization.


This is a non-invasive treatment of loss of hair that uses platelet-rich plasma and it is a straightforward and very quick process. The allergic reaction risk as well as other side effects are minimal as your own plasma is being used. You may realize some bleeding and some redness on the area of injection. To some of the patients may report a tight feeling on their scalp and it happens immediately after injections and the following day a slight headache may be experienced. There is no surgery involved with PRP hair loss treatment and that should tell you that no downtime or healing period.


The new hair growth using PRP hair loss treatment has never been more affordable. This hair loss treatment depends on the person performing the process, the facility available, or even the area you are living in. San Diego in some of the doctors for this non-surgical process will charge you as low as $499 per session. You can do your math depending on the number of sessions recommended to you by your doctor. Can be sometimes painful to both economic status and your scalp. When this activity is performed by trained personnel, it is considered safe. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, some of the mild risks will include redness, pain, headaches, and shedding of hair that is temporary. For patients with autoimmune disease or bleeding disorder, Platelets-rich plasma may not be an appropriate exercise for them to undertake. 


 Talking of a permanent solution for your hair loss, Using Platelet-rich plasma is much promising. Clinical studies that have been done show a significant reduction of loss of hair after the PRP injection. There is also an increase in the average number of follicles on the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma increases or stimulates the natural growth of hair and the result for this treatment are remarkable and absolutely natural looking.


Most of the research done for hair loss has focused on treating androgenic alopecia which is also known as related hormone baldness. This condition can possibly affect both men and women. For the men who are the victim of AGA, the loss of the hair mainly occurs at the top of the head front. For the women, thinning starts on the top and as well as the crown of the head. This begins with the Centre hair part growing wider. When the PRP is combined with other treatments for AGA, The evidence shows the promising results that PRP works better. The AGA treatments include Minoxidil or oral finasteride which is an anti-androgenic drug.

Enough evidence about the effectiveness of PRP treatment for other hair loss types like alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, or any other form that maximize the possibility of hair loss does not exist. Platelet-rich plasma has been established well within the spine as well as Orthopaedic specialties. This treatment is now getting even more widespread approval as well as acceptance within the restoration of hair practices for both men and women alopecia treatment. Some of the studies have shown the effectiveness as well as PRP safety when implemented as a standalone procedure for the loss of hair and combined with the transplant of hair procedures. In San Diego, Most of the doctors have been highly motivated by the number of hair loss patients who have received the PRP injections. The result is similar for those who reported a great improvement in hair caliber, improvement of hair strength, and hair density as well.

Most of the practitioners of hair restoration usually encourage their patients who are undergoing the procedures of hair restoration to consider adding PRP treatments. Platelet-rich plasma works efficiently at the time of hair transplant and even continues to perform better by enhancing the growth afterward. Some of the results have shown shock loss called telogen effluvium in the region where the hair is getting transplanted after PRP injection. Shock loss is whereby the non-transplanted hair of the patient at the region of transplant following the restoration.


Platelet-rich plasma for hair loss treatment has been under implementation for years to treat the condition of the skin, and musculoskeletal conditions. The PRP is then injected into the skin or used after micro-needling which is a method that utilizes a small needle to generate skin wounds that are microscopic. This may help to enhance the texture as well as the appearance of the skin. PRP injection for hair loss treatment in San Diego has become a trend and a solution to most of the challenging problems in the field of dermatology. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own bloodstream hence minimal risk of side effects and because it is a non-surgical process may take few minutes to complete the process. You may experience redness at the region of injection and headaches the following day but not severe headaches. The process does not hurt depend on the personnel performing the process. PRP injection for the hair loss cost will depend on the area you are living in, the facility, and the doctor to perform the process.