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Exosome Beauty Package

Exosome Beauty Package

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Benefits of Exosome Micro-needling Facial
• Reduced Fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce Acne Scars appearance
• Even skin tone & texture
• Reduce Pore Size

Benefits of Exosome Hair Restoration
• Regenerate Hair Follicles: Exosomes stimulate the activation and proliferation of hair follicle stem cells, leading to the initiation of the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle.
• Regrow Hair: exosomes can promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), which can increase blood flow and nutrient supply to the hair follicles, supporting hair growth.
• Anti-inflammatory: exosomes possess immunomodulatory properties that can help regulate local immune responses, reducing inflammation and creating a more favorable environment for hair growth.
• A non-surgical alternative to address hair loss, as an opposed to hair transplantation or scalp reduction surgery.

Beauty Package Includes:
• Exosome Microneedling Facial
• Exosome Hair Restoration

What are Exosomes:
Exosomes are akin to minuscule "bubbles" generated by stem cells, serving as vehicles that shuttle proteins, growth factors, and essential components involved in tissue reconstruction between cells. Specifically, dermal fibroblast exosomes stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a fundamental connective tissue responsible for imparting skin with firmness, elasticity, and resilience.

In the context of hair loss, exosomes also play a pivotal role. These tiny vesicles possess the capability to communicate with cells within the hair follicles, influencing their activity and stimulating hair growth. By delivering signaling molecules and genetic material, exosomes can potentially trigger cellular processes that foster the proliferation and rejuvenation of hair follicles, promoting healthier and more robust hair growth.

Why choose Exosome Therapy over PRP
- Faster Results: Exosome treatment typically improves skin appearance and health within just one or two applications, while PRP injections can require three to six treatments to achieve results
-More Potent & Diverse Growth Factors: A typical PRP injection delivers 12 growth factors to the skin at the most. Exosome treatment packs a much more serious punch, delivering 380 of growth factors.
- no blood draw required

Are exosomes safe?
Yes! At Tulsi Wellness Club, our team uses exosomes acquired from state-of-the-art medical labs according to regulations and standards established by the FDA and the American Association of Tissue Banks. In addition, all samples are screened using FDA-approved methods. We’re happy to provide more detailed information during your consultation.

What to do once you've purchased your exosome package:
1) Schedule your 15 minute Consult through booking link or call our office directly 858-386-0372. Once the doctor has determined you're a good candidate, then you can schedule your two exosome treatments at your convenience.
2) Choose your preferred Tulsi Location (Del Mar, Laguna Beach or Huntington Beach)
3) Get started!

We are here to help. Schedule a free 15 minute consult with one of our Tulsi doctors to learn more about our weight loss program and get your questions answers. Schedule your free 15 minute Telehealth consultation through booking link or call our office directly 858-386-0372 to schedule.

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