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Functional Medicine & Holistic Medicine in Del Mar, CA

Tulsi Wellness Club
Who we are

Tulsi Wellness Club is a functional and holistic medicine practice dedicated to serving the community of Del Mar, California. Under the leadership of Devin Stone, ND, Natasha MacLeay, ND, and Christian Jacob Del Rosario, ND, a team of practitioners and administrative professionals strive to deliver highly personalized care with a strong focus on preventive health. 

Patients who entrust Tulsi Wellness Club with their care notice right away that the practice takes a unique approach to health and wellness. Services are performed in a warm and welcoming environment by professionals who acknowledge and honor the interconnectivity between humans and nature. 

Functional medicine strives to identify and treat the root cause of health challenges rather than simply focusing on relieving symptoms. Delivering care under a holistic perspective means that services don’t just focus on physical aspects of health but also the ways that emotional, mental, spiritual, and community health factors into daily function. 

Primary care services include comprehensive physical exams and lab testing. Practitioners identify risk factors for chronic disease and help patients lower those risks. Chronic care management helps those with one or more types of chronic disease make the changes necessary to avoid negative health outcomes.

Medical aesthetics is also an area of focus with the practice, honoring the fact that looking one’s best often equates to feeling one’s best. Supplements and high-quality skin care products are available directly through the practice. 

Men’s and women’s health services deliver personalized care that shifts as patients move through the phases of life. Hormone replacement therapy offers a treatment option for those experiencing low testosterone or menopause symptoms. 

Tulsi Wellness Club embraces a membership structure that provides exclusive access to preventive primary care, advanced lab analysis, and the latest anti-aging therapies. The best way to learn more about how Tulsi is shifting the paradigm in primary care is to schedule a free consultation online or by phone today. 

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