Exosome Hair Restoration

By Dr. Devin Stone, ND

Exosome Hair Restoration Exosome therapy has been on the forefront of regenerative treatments and in one area in particular for Exosome Hair Restoration. We have seen great results with this treatment but what really is it and how does it work?

Exosome Hair Restoration is a treatment that begins with a stem cell. Stem cells are regenerative cells in our body that help regenerate aging and damaged cells. One of the mechanisms they use to do this is by sending messages for regeneration through small vesicles called exosomes. Exosomes in essence are small packages filled with cell signals to help promote regeneration. In terms of Exosome Hair Restoration these signals help hair grow and thicken.

Our exosomes come from cGMP laboratories in the United States to ensure the highest standard of care. These are then applied to the scalp topically after microneedling on the scalp. For each patient the number of treatments varies and often this can be combined with a holistic plan to also help hair follicles from the inside out. Exosome Hair Restoration can be combined with supplements, hormone balancing, anti-inflammatories and more. 

After a Exosome Hair Restoration treatment our patients will also go home with an at home kit that includes similar growth factors (cell signals) that are in the exosomes to apply nightly. This helps continue the regenerative treatment at home and allows for better outcomes. Exosomes for hair growth is a great option for patients wanting a natural and non-surgical way to help promote regeneration. 

What is Exosome Hair Therapy Cost?

Exosomes hair therapy costs vary depending on how many sessions a patient will need. Typically each session for Exosome Hair Restoration is done one month apart. Your provider can help you determine how many sessions will be needed in order to achieve results. On average treatment plans range from $1500-$4500.

What are Exosome for Hair Growth Side Effects?

With any medical treatment there are some risks. Since tiny punctures in the skin are going to be made using a microneedling device mild discomfort can be seen. In order to help with this most patients get topical anesthetics. Clean techniques will be used but with any procedure a risk of infection, though minimal, is there. It is important to discuss all side effects with your provider that may be a part of exosomes therapy for hair growth. 

How many treatments of exosomes for hair growth are needed?

Each patient will differ. On average a patient will need between 1-3 treatments. Each treatment is spaced four to six weeks a part. After each session your provider will access your results and help course out how many more treatments are needed.

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