Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

What is low testosterone?

Low testosterone means that your body doesn’t make enough testosterone. This male hormone regulates your sex drive, muscle mass, fat distribution, strength, bone mass, and other vital aspects of your health.  

You may be diagnosed with low testosterone if your blood testosterone level is under 250 or 300 ng/dL. But, it’s important to note that testosterone levels can vary widely from man to man, so your regular level may be much higher or lower than another person’s.  

Tulsi Wellness Club provides detailed testing in the office to determine your blood testosterone levels and whether they’re causing your current symptoms.

What symptoms can low testosterone cause?

Low testosterone can cause significantly unpleasant symptoms such as:

- Lower libido

- Erectile dysfunction (ED)

- Increased body fat Muscle loss

- Decreased staminaHair loss

- Testicle shrinkage

- Irritability

- Depressed mood

- Difficulty concentrating 

- Fatigue 

 You need a healthy amount of testosterone for your sexual and general wellness, so if your levels are too low, it’s essential to take steps to restore them. 

What causes low testosterone?

Low testosterone has many causes, but aging is the most common. As you age, your body reduces the amount of testosterone it makes. It’s not quite the male equivalent of menopause since the process is more gradual, but the symptoms of low testosterone are often disruptive starting in middle age.  

Some congenital medical conditions, autoimmune diseases, physical injuries to the testicles, chemotherapy, infection, and other factors can also lead to low testosterone. Studies show that people with chronic health issues are more likely to have low testosterone. For example, if you have type 2 diabetes, you’re twice as likely to have low testosterone.

How is low testosterone treated?

The Tulsi Wellness Club team provides customized low testosterone therapy based on your personal needs. Treatment often involves bioidentical hormone replacement, which comes in many forms, including implantable pellets, injections, and gels you apply to the skin.  

You can also help stimulate testosterone production naturally through your diet, exercise, supplements, herbs, and other means. The team helps you find the most natural path to maximize your body’s natural hormones while reaching the testosterone levels that allow you to feel your best.  

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